Know Your Nevada

Know Your Nevada is a fourth grade program that focuses on the ‘living’ state symbols that represent our state. Through hands-on lessons students learn about where our state symbols can be found, how they survive, and what’s being done to conserve these treasured species. Each lesson is aligned to Nevada Academic Content Standards.

Know Your Nevada is a series of three lessons that build on one another. An NDOW conservation educator or instructor will be in your classroom – either in-person or virtual – to facilitate these fun, hands-on lessons with your students. The first lesson students learn about where in Nevada these animals live using a map of Nevada and stickers. The second lesson covers what unique adaptations these animals use to survive in Nevada’s habitats. The last lesson students learn about some conservation challenges these animals have, and put on their biologist hats to come up with solutions.

Check out our Statewide Wildlife Education Coordinator explaining the program:

Know Your Nevada was piloted in 2019 and then moved virtual in 2020, and is now available in-person or virtually. It received great feedback from our piloting teachers, and we are always looking for more teachers and schools to participate! This program is free and open to any fourth-grade educator in Nevada. To participate contact your regional coordinator:

Elko Area – Nicole St. John –

Las Vegas Area – Lauren MacLeod –

Reno Area – Margaret Lord –

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