Nevada Shed Hunting Certificate

In 2021, the Nevada Legislature adopted the Nevada Antler Shed Hunting law. Under Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 503.172, a person shall not take or gather shed antlers from or on any public land located in Elko, Eureka, Lander, Lincoln, Nye, or White Pine Counties at any time from January 1 to April 30. A shed hunter collection certificate is required for collecting May 1 to June 30. You can receive this certification by taking a free online course that outlines responsible shed hunting is the state. The course takes about 30 minutes to complete. Once you’ve passed the quiz, you can save and print your certificate after viewing your results. The course is only required to shed hunt in the eastern Nevada counties listed above, but all hunters are invited to take the quiz to have more awareness while enjoying the outdoors. Sign-up and take the course for free here.

Please note: Each year you will need to re-register, creating a new username. Please be sure to add your client ID number associated with your account, so your certificate can be added to your account.

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