2022 Nevada State Wildlife Action Plan

Welcome to the Nevada State Wildlife Action Plan- a guide to conserve our state’s vast and incredible biodiversity. Through prioritized and proactive actions, this plan lays out a roadmap to protecting 367 Species of Greatest Conservation Need and 20 critical habitats that need our help. The 2022 Nevada State Wildlife Action Plan is the third iteration of this statewide conservation strategy.

What’s new?

  • We’re shining a spotlight on important pollinators (bees, butterflies, etc.)
  • A special chapter focusing on teamwork across state borders because nature knows no boundaries!
  • The plan also emphasizes the crucial need of connecting citizens to their natural resources by offering educational programs for all ages, developing wildlife viewing and nature tourism opportunities, and providing connections through interpretative nature centers.

This plan was created in true partnership between more than 15 federal, state, tribal and NGOs with direct input from over 80 contributors. In addition, hundreds of Nevadans provided their thoughts and suggestions through public surveys.

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