Nevada Pathways to Relevancy Project

The Nevada Department of Wildlife was awarded a multi-state conservation grant aimed to complete the Nevada Nevada Pathways to Relevancy Project to help us implement the Fish and Wildlife Relevancy Roadmap. The Relevancy Roadmap is a practical guide developed to help agencies enhance conservation through broader engagement.

As part of this project, we conducted a statewide public survey through Responsive Management to help us better understand public opinions and values as it relates to nature, wildlife, personal health and time spent outdoors. In addition to better understanding the Nevada public as a whole, the survey was developed to help provide us with information specific to three groups of people. Those groups are Hispanic and Latinos, Young Adults, and Outdoor Recreators that are not primarily wildlife focused activities (i.e. not hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing). The survey results offer a wealth of information about the public as a whole, offer insights to the differences between the three specific groups, and shed light on how a variety of factors influence public opinions and values.

View the survey results here.

Listen to a recent Nevada Wild on the survey here.

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