Water for Wildlife

See how our personnel stepped up for wildlife during record low precipitation

The record setting lack of precipitation in 2020 resulted in critically low water levels at big game guzzlers spread across much of Nevada’s Desert bighorn sheep range. Guzzlers are manmade devises that provide wildlife in the driest parts of the state with much needed water. Throughout 2020 and into 2021, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) responded with emergency water hauls at an unprecedented scale with helicopters, 4 wheel-drive trucks and water tenders. Without supplemental water, a high proportion of bighorn sheep in certain mountains ranges would have likely died from dehydration. In total, approximately 236,000 gallons of supplemental water has been provided to 44 different guzzlers. A special thanks goes out to all the NDOW personnel and volunteers who helped with this effort and the generous funding received by NBU Reno, the Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn, and Nevada Dream Tag.

To see how a guzzler works, check out this video highlighting NDOW’s ongoing efforts to provide water for wildlife:

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