Wildlife Badges

The Wildlife Badges are a classroom program consisting of six badges through which the students will learn more about their native environment, species identification, and safely enjoying the outdoors. Each badge involves three lesson plans tailored to the learning groups K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Upon completing all three lessons, teachers will submit proof of completion through our website. Staff will verify each activity and send a sticker badge for each student and certificate of completion for the class. 

We’ve provided lesson plans, vocabulary lists, and stated if any materials or costs are needed. The program is designed to give teachers the flexibility to cater the lessons to their classroom. For example, if they feel that their fourth grade class is more advanced than the lessons written for 3-5, they can present the lessons for 6-8 instead. Background information and support resources are provided in the speaker notes for each slideshow. Teachers may participate in as many badges as they would like throughout the school year.

The Wildlife Badges were created by our AmeriCorps interns in 2020. As we move back into the classroom, we are more than happy to come speak to your class about what they learned while they earned their badge. This program is free and open to all teachers in Nevada.

Check out the website and sign up to participate here!

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