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  1. Apply for Heritage Funding
  2. Annual Heritage Timeline
  3. Wildlife Heritage Tag Seasons and Quotas
  4. Heritage Tag Vendor Fundraising Event Schedule
  5. Proposal Procedure (Memo)
  6. Commission Policy 10 (Policy, Purpose, Procedure)
  7. Vendor Information Form
Annual Wildlife Heritage Timeline
  • November 1: A funding availability notice and web link to the Heritage project proposal form and related guidelines is emailed to the non-profit organizations, sportsmen groups, interested individuals, and Department employees.
  • January 1 to March 1: Project proposals can be submitted as early as January 1 and no later than March 1. They are then reviewed, scored, and ranked by Department staff and assembled for Commission, Committee and CABMW review.
  • April 15: A package of the new project proposals and program financial information is sent to the Heritage Committee, Commission, and each CABMW for review.
  • May: The Heritage Committee meets to review and comment on the new project proposals and develops preliminary recommendations regarding project approvals and funding allocations prior to the May Commission Meeting. These preliminary recommendations are provided to the Commission at their May meeting, which is usually held the next day. Authors of the project proposals are encouraged to attend the May Committee meeting so they can provide a brief overview of their project and be available to answer questions.
  • June: The Heritage Committee meets again before the June Commission meeting. Prior to this meeting, the Department provides project completion and status reports for active projects. At this meeting, the Committee addresses extension requests from the managers of existing Heritage projects, considers the reallocation of funds from projects that do not need all their awarded funds (if any), and may adjust their new project funding recommendations for the Commission. The Commission reviews the Heritage Committee’s extension request, reallocation and new project recommendations and takes action (i.e. votes to approve, modify, deny, etc.). All parties that have submitted project proposals will be notified of the Commission’s decisions by the Department. Successful parties (i.e. non-Department applicants) are required to complete and enter into a Heritage Program Grant Agreement with the assistance of Department staff.
  • Late June to Early July: The Department’s Directors Office approves the Heritage Program Grant Agreements for new projects, and absent any unforeseen events, project work can commence in July once agreements are approved.The Wildlife Heritage Trust Account is authorized by NRS 501.3575 and is administered by the Board of Wildlife Commissioners. The money in the Account is used for the “protection, propagation, restoration, transplanting, introduction, and management of any game fish, game mammal, game bird, or fur-bearing mammal and the management and control of predatory wildlife in this state.”

The Wildlife Heritage Trust Account is authorized by NRS 501.3575 and is administered by the Board of Wildlife Commissioners. The money in the Account is used for the “protection, propagation, restoration, transplanting, introduction, and management of any game fish, game mammal, game bird, or fur-bearing mammal and the management and control of predatory wildlife in this state.”

The Department may annually expend from the Wildlife Heritage Account an amount of money not greater than 75 percent of the money deposited in the Account during the previous year and the total amount of interest earned on the money in the Account during the previous year. In addition, the Department may, at any time, expend from the Account any portion of the amount of money in the Account which exceeds $5,000,000. 

The Heritage Trust Account started in 1998 and due to the generosity of its participants over the years, the account has now grown to the point that the Commission was able to award $1,540,135 to new Heritage projects for FY24.


All proposals must be submitted to the Nevada Department of Wildlife, Headquarters Office, 6980 Sierra Center Parkway, Ste #120, Reno, Nevada 89511 between January 1 and March 1 of each calendar year. The preferred method of submitting a proposal is sending the completed proposal form to Mark Freese at NDOW via email. His email address is markfreese@ndow.org. The project year is on a state fiscal year basis of July 1 through June 30. The funds must be utilized in the fiscal year for which they were approved; however, due to unusual circumstances, which must be documented by the applicant prior to the end of the project’s first fiscal year, the Commission may consider an extension of project funds to the next fiscal year if requested by the organization or person that initiated the project proposal. All approved projects must submit a completion report within 30 days after completion of the project. PLEASE NOTE THAT INDIRECT COST CANNOT BE CHARGED ON HERITAGE PROJECTS.

Heritage Tag Seasons and Quotas

Heritage Tag Seasons and Quotas

2024 Heritage Tag Seasons and Quotas CR 23-10 A2

2025 Heritage Tag Seasons and Quotas – CR 24-05

2024 Heritage Tag Fundraising Schedule
Heritage Tag Memorandum

N.R.S. 502.250 authorizes the Wildlife Commission to designate the following Wildlife Heritage game tags to be auctioned each year:

– two Nelson (Desert) Bighorn sheep tag 

– two Mule Deer tags

– two Pronghorn Antelope tags 

– two Rocky Mountain Elk tags 

– five Wild Turkey tags

The Wildlife Commission selects vendors for all Wildlife Heritage tags at the June Commission meeting for the auctioning of tags for the following tag season. The Department will post the meeting date on our website at www.ndow.org. If your organization is interested in being considered to auction off one or more of these tags, you may submit a proposal to be a vendor. The deadline for the proposal is in the vendor procedure. 

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Program Officer I, License Office, at (775) 688-1512 or FAX (775) 688-1509. If a vendor is selected to auction a tag or tags, the full amount of the bid is to be remitted to the Department.

Wildlife Heritage Tag Vendor Proposal Procedure

Proposal Deadline: April 17, 2024

 Where to Submit Proposal: Mail to Nevada Department of Wildlife, License Office – Heritage Tags, 6980 Sierra Center Pkwy, Suite 120, Reno, Nevada, 89511 or submit your packet online at ndowinfo@ndow.org, subject line Heritage Tags.

Only those proposals will be considered which are submitted to the Department by the April 17, 2024 deadline. Proposals received after the deadline may be considered for award of Wildlife Heritage Tags by the Commission after the Commission has considered all other proposals received and when necessary to fulfill the purpose of this policy.

A vendor proposal to auction Wildlife Heritage Tag(s) must provide the following information:

(a) Organization name, contact person, phone number and email address. 

(b) Date, time and place of auction. If the proposed date, time and place of the auction changes due to circumstances beyond the organization’s control, it is the vendor’s responsibility to notify the Department in order to post the updated information. 

(c) Type of function (banquet, convention, etc.) 

(d) Estimated attendance. 

(e) Proposed advertising and marketing strategy. 

(f) An explanation of any “packaging” of the game hunt; i.e., other services to be provided in addition to the authorized tag, such as guide or taxidermy services, etc. 

(g) Except for subsection (b), no changes or alterations may occur to the proposal after the deadline for receipt of the proposals.

The Commission will review all proposals and select vendors to auction the respective tags. If no proposals are received, the Commission may authorize other organizations within or outside Nevada to auction the tag. If no acceptable organization can be found to administer an auction, the tag may be sold by sealed bid. 

The Commission reserves the right to refuse any proposal received for auctioning Wildlife Heritage Tags annually. 

All vendors who submit proposals will be notified in writing of the results by the Department.

By the deadline established in the regulation, all vendors must provide the successful bidder information on an application provided by the Department and the Wildlife Heritage donation. 

Commission Policy 11
Heritage Tag Vendor Information Form

Please fill out this form and send back, along with proposal, to the address listed on the form. 


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