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Across Nevada’s towering mountains and vast deserts, you’ll find a world of wildlife. Explore the wide range of wildlife that calls Nevada home. With our tips, you will be able to identify a new creature right in your backyard or learn the tools you need to see animals out in the wild.


Protecting and managing Nevada’s wildlife is at the core of NDOW’s purpose and mission. Learn how we work on conservation efforts with strategic, impactful initiatives and management plans.


Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

A bill dedicated to securing federal funding to fully implement Nevada’s Wildlife Action Plan.

Wild Harvest Initiative

The first serious effort to evaluate the combined economic, conservation and social benefits of recreational wild animal harvest.

Habitat Conservation Framework

Leveraging resources through partnerships to effectively manage, conserve and restore Nevada’s sagebrush habitat our wildlife depends on.

Other Conservation Initiatives

NDOW carries out a large number of conservation initiatives. Learn more about them here.

Nevada State Wildlife Action Plan

A comprehensive blueprint developed to keep common species common and guide conservation of Species of Conservation Priority and key habitats in Nevada.

Nevada Predator Management Plan

Current predator project information, plans and status reports.

Native Trout Management & Conservation Programs

Nevada is home to six native trout species; learn more about how we manage and conserve them here:

Elk Management Plan

Nevada is home to robust elk herds; learn more about elk management here:

Bighorn Sheep Management Plan

Nevada is home to three subspecies of bighorn sheep; learn more about how we manage our sheep populations here.

Outdoor Education

At NDOW, we think getting outside is the best way to learn. Take classes in the great outdoors with instructors who teach hunting, fishing, outdoor education, boating and more. We even offer classes in the virtual outdoors.

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Wildlife Discovery

Nevada’s wildlife is as varied as its landscape, and within the state’s borders you’ll find a diversity of wildlife big and small. Discover wildlife with us.




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NDOW has a wealth of wildlife guides, professional publications, management plans and even a podcast archive so you can learn about NDOW’s work and Nevada’s wildlife resources.