Jarbidge Wilderness

Remote, wild, and wonderful are just a couple ways to describe the Jarbidge Wilderness. Wildlife abounds in this nearly untouched landscape.

Located in the far northeast corner of Nevada, the Jarbidge Wilderness encompasses just over 110,000 acres of remote and rugged landscapes. The Jarbidge Wilderness hosts a wide-range of habitats that vary from 5,000 – 10,000 feet in elevation; thus supporting an array of wildlife species. Rightfuly reffred to as an “outdoorsman’s mecca”, the Jarbidge Wilderness offers abundant hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, and wildlife viewing opportunities. Though isolated, the town of Jarbidge sits just outside the wilderness boundary, offering visitors the perfect place to setup a basecamp for exploring the surrounding wilderness.

Jarbidge Wilderness
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Special Notes and Resources

The Jarbidge Wilderness is isolated and remote backcountry. To access the wilderness, visitors should be prepared to travel remote dirt roads with only light maintenance; some of which are only accesible with 4-wheel drive. Main trailheads for access include: Snow Slide Gulch, Slide Creek, Camp Draw, Seventy Six Creek, and Three Day Creek. Aside from the town of Jarbidge and some developed campgrounds, amenties are not readily available throughout the greater area. Visitors should come prepared with food, water, and extra supplies. Any motorized use is prohibitted within wilderness boundaries. However, just outside the wilderness boundaries, vistors can find access to motorized recreation uses, such as OHV and mountain bike trails.