Public Records

Looking for specific records or publications from NDOW? See our guidelines and process and find publications below.


Guidelines and Process

Please read through the following guidelines to ensure that the NDOW team can effectively manage your request:

  1. Written and verbal public record requests are permitted, for written requests complete all fields of the Public Records Request Form
  2. Requests should be for an identifiable record, and will be provided in the readily available medium.
  3. Do not use the Public Records Request Form for Wildlife Location or Resource Data and Maps (for this use the Data Request Form), NDOW Publications, or Historical Records.

Where to Send

Public records requests forms should be sent to: or by mail to:
6980 Sierra Center Parkway, Ste 120
Reno, Nevada, 89511
Attn: Directors Office

What to expect
from NDOW

  1. Within 5 business days the Department will respond to the records request, indicating an estimate of when the records will be ready, the cost estimate; or other information as stipulated in our process, and in NRS 239.
  2. The Department may request clarifying information,
  3. Extraordinary records must be in writing.
  4. If a public book or record is readily available, in lieu of a written response the agency shall allow the requestor to inspect or copy or receive a copy of the record within normal business hours.

Please Note: The Department may deny the request. The Department will provide a response, citing the statue or legal authority making the record confidential. NRS 239.0107(D)


Please fill out the form below to contact our offices to help in whatever way we can.

Extraordinary Use Charge

No fees will be charged until the total costs reach $10.00. Estimates of costs will be provided in advance if the costs are projected to exceed $25.00. Extraordinary requests are estimated to take more than one hour of staff time or over 100 pages. All extraordinary requests must be in writing with as much detail on the identifiable record and purpose as possible.The Department may request a USB Drive be mailed to the Department for extraordinarily large requests.


The requester will be charged the exact amount of postage if the requester has requested to have the copy delivered by mail.


All checks must be payable to the Nevada Department of Wildlife. All sales are final NO REFUNDS. Fees may be waived if the request is on behalf of a governmental agency.

Nevada Water Development Atlas (Guzzlers): $50.00

(Copyrighted) Sold at Regional NDOW offices only (Reno, Elko, and Las Vegas)

Record Book Field Guide: (when available) $20.00

Sold at Regional NDOW offices only (Reno, Elko, and Las Vegas)


NDOW produces many useful publications on an ongoing basis that are free to the public.