Bailey Fishing Pond

Fuji Park Pond was built in 2010, but was renamed Baily Fishing Pond in early 2011. It is located in Carson City at the bottom of Clear Creek in Fuji Park and is managed by Carson City Parks and Recreation.

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Carson City
Type of water
Community Pond
Fishing Report

Baily is fishing excellent and has been stocked well this spring.  The most consistent way of catching fish at Baily is salmon eggs under the bobber. Fly fisherman slowly retrieving peacock bodied nymphs will find fish just about any time.  Stocking will continue until the heat really sets in this summer. With summer the heat, the sunfish bite should really fire up.

Baily Fishing Pond Angler Guide Information 


Stocking Updates

Stocked Species Inches Date Stocked Year to Date
618Rainbow Trout 10.005-13-20247349
756Rainbow Trout 9.705-02-20246731
487Rainbow Trout9.704-16-20245975
540Rainbow Trout 9.704-01-20245488
504Rainbow Trout9.503-19-20244948
519Rainbow Trout1010-31-20234444
516Rainbow Trout9.510-18-20233925
399Rainbow Trout9.210-04-20233409
486Rainbow Trout9.209-22-20233010
624Rainbow Trout10.405-23-20232524
506Rainbow Trout1005-16-20231900
534Rainbow Trout9.705-02-20231304
770Rainbow Trout10.204-20-2023770

Pertinent Information

Baily Fishing Pond is a 1-acre pond about 15 ft deep. Water is diverted from Clear Creek, keeping the pond cool and allowing for trout fishing most of the year. There is a fishing pier that is ADA accessible and multiple flat-topped boulders along the shore from which to fish. The typical baits and lures for trout work such as Power Bait, salmon eggs, nightcrawlers, small spinners and spoons, and flies (hare’s ears, prince nymphs, and Sheep Creek specials). The park has porta potties, picnic tables with canopies, barbeque grills, and a nice trail around the pond. Note that the pond may be closed to use if the parking area becomes muddy or the pond freezes over.