Battle Mountain Pond

In 2023, the Lander County School District seized an exciting opportunity by applying for the Nevada Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure (NORI) grant offered through the Nevada Division of Outdoor Recreation (NDOR). This grant program aimed to enhance and restore community outdoor spaces.

Lander County School District was honored to be among the 12 awardees, receiving a generous grant of $75,000. With these funds in hand, Lander County School District has brought new life into the beloved Battle Mountain High School Duck Pond.

The terrain is scheduled to be improved with accessible paths, ADA approved docks and electrical outlets. Park equipment, tables, benches, a pavilion, and a fishing platform will also be added. Currently, Agricultural Mechanics students at the high school are repurposing the old playground equipment and seeking ways to get new tables and chairs.

Type of water
Community Pond

Stocking Updates

Stocked Species Inches Date Stocked Year to Date
100Largemouth Bass505-23-2024100
200Channel Catfish405-23-2024200

Pertinent Information

The pond itself is about one acre. It is completely fenced in with grass and trees. The pond is always open for public use. The pond sustains a population of bluegill, smallmouth bass, and carp. The pond has also become a migration stop for many bird species.

In conjunction with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, the pond will be restocked with warm water fish species which will be available for fishing opportunities. The pond will be restocked with bass, catfish, and sunfish.