Lorenzi Park Pond

Lorenzi Park Pond is located in Lorenzi Park in near downtown Las Vegas and operated by the City of Las Vegas. The location of the pond was the site of historic Twin Lakes, one of the original major spring systems that fed Las Vegas Wash before the valley was settled. The site was developed in the 1930s, originally as a private ranch and recreation site and later as a municipal park. Lorenzi Park Pond was originally two smaller ponds, but was improved and deepened in the 1970s to make a single pond that appears today. In 2013, the pond was renovated once again with improved landscaping and picnic areas. It has been used as an urban fishery since the 1980s and supplies irrigation water for park landscaping.

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Type of water
Community Pond
Fishing Report

Anglers are catching catfish with night crawlers and stink bait. Bluegill are hitting mealworms and red worms at the community ponds. There have been a few trout caught in the early mornings before they look for cooler water in the depths during the warm afternoons. Rainbows are chasing Rooster Tails and PowerBait fished off the bottom.

Lorenzi Park Pond Angler Information Guide


Stocking Updates

Stocked Species Inches Date Stocked Year to Date
68Channel Catfish 16.105-29-2024574
77Channel Catfish 16.404-26-2024506
2000Rainbow Trout8.603-20-202420937
781Rainbow Trout9.702-15-202418937
1335Rainbow Trout9.602-07-202418156
1430Rainbow Trout9.401-09-202416821
1310Rainbow Trout9.501-04-202415391
498Rainbow Trout9.112-18-202314081
1473Rainbow Trout9.312-13-202313583
1553Rainbow Trout 9.012-05-202312110
1485Rainbow Trout9.411-29-202310557
1503Rainbow Trout9.111-14-20239072
641Rainbow Trout9.611-06-20237569
429Channel Catfish15.605-31-2023429
2000Rainbow Trout8.503-16-20236928
1657Rainbow Trout10.203-02-20234928
1276Rainbow Trout10.102-07-20233271
950Rainbow Trout1101-18-20231995
1045Rainbow Trout10.601-11-20231045

Pertinent Information

Lorenzi Park Pond is approximately 3 acres, has a maximum depth of 10 feet, and is accessible to angling around the entire pond. Water quality is generally good, but the level can vary depending on irrigation needs. The pond is subject to seasonal algae blooms resulting from warm temperatures and nutrients from numerous waterfowl. The primary game fish are rainbow trout and channel catfish, which are stocked seasonally. After the most recent renovation of the pond, the City of Las Vegas stocked bluegill and largemouth bass. Small spinners, Power Bait, salmon eggs, and flies can be effective for rainbow trout. No overnight camping is allowed, but there are improved day use areas with restrooms, shade shelters, picnic tables, and barbecues. There is no fee to use the park.