Mitch Park Pond

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Type of water
Community Pond
Fishing Report

Stocking has slowed for the season but will pick back up this spring. Bait fisherman using worms on the bottom are finding a few trout. Salmon eggs and baby crawlers under a bobber may entice the occasional trout. Stocking will pick back up this spring.


Stocking Updates

Stocked Species Inches Date Stocked Year to Date
1600Channel Catfish4.105-23-20242500
490Rainbow Trout9.605-20-20249745
494Rainbow Trout 10.005-13-20249255
357Rainbow Trout10.204-23-20248761
422Rainbow Trout 9.604-10-20248404
743Rainbow Trout 9.704-03-20247982
504Rainbow Trout9.503-19-20247239
692Rainbow Trout10.010-31-20236735
738Rainbow Trout9.510-18-20236043
711Rainbow Trout9.210-11-20235305
702Rainbow Trout9.210-04-20234594
389Rainbow Trout9.209-22-20233892
505Rainbow Trout906-08-20233503
900Channel Catfish4.506-07-2023900
190Rainbow Trout10.405-23-20232998
316Rainbow Trout1005-23-20232808
484Rainbow Trout10.405-11-20232482
400Rainbow Trout9.705-01-20232008
500Rainbow Trout9.804-20-20231608
515Rainbow Trout10.304-06-20231108
593Rainbow Trout10.203-23-2023593